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Working process
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Working process
As for we have received more and more orders every day, we adjusted our working process in order to provide a better service for our customers and make sure our customers can receive orders in time. 
Following is our new working steps:
(According to Bejing Time)
1. Every morning, for all the new orders which are paid already before 12:00 noon , we will arrange it and check the stock at the same day.
    If you make the payment after 12:00 noon, we will arrange it and check the stock in the next day.
2. After you received the packing list, if you can make the final payment before  6:00pm, we can ship out the order at the same evening.
    If you make the payment after 6:00pm, we will ship out the order in the next day.
3.For the orders which are paid already, if you have made adding order for completing the balance before 12:00 noon, we will send you the final packing list at the same evening and ship out the order in the next day.
   If you have made the adding order for completing the balance after 12:00 noon, we will arrange the adding order and send final packing list in the next day to you and the order will be ship out after tomorrow
Before you make order, please kindly arrange the time according to your own situation.
Sorry for any convenience that caused to you.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us.
Best regards.